Not dead

15 10 2007

…just busy.

Quick recap.

Some social times. Got some quality time (not enough!) with a darling lady. Wossname hit the big Three-0. The olds blew into town and then out again a few hours later. Brisvegas being a delight with some gorgeous days and lovely storms.

Oh yeah, bought a house.

By house I mean unit.

By unit I mean small, box-shaped thing with door. But mine. All mine.*

Work is busy, busy, busy.

Next person says public service is all flex time and long lunches I’m gonna punch in the mouth.**

We are getting sensible about late nights at work and different people are taking turns bringing in dinner. Very nice for a) nutrition and b) teamwork, but a little worrying on c) making 14 hour days seem normal.

Somewhere in there I need to paint my new house (/unit/box), move into it and tackle the dreaded rental clean.

Anyhoo, more news as it comes to hand. Photos even. If I can scam a camera from somewhere.

* After settlement, that is. And then roughly 90% belongs to the bank… 10% almost mine perhaps.
** Well, we all know I’m pretty wussy. So I’ll probably just think about punching them in the mouth. Still, intention is 9/10 of the law or something, right? Or, wait, maybe the law is 90% perspiration. Or is it 90% crackbook? I can never remember.

(Pedants desist, I know it’s possession. Yes ma, I’m looking at you)




3 responses

24 10 2007

hello gorgeous.

3 11 2007

public service is all flex time and long lunches and porn online!c’mon. i dare you (by the way, i’m bobbing and weaving).

5 11 2007

maybe in SOME departments!Curse your bobbing and weaving!

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