Thanks, but no

5 11 2007

With all this moving and painting and joining pieces of chipboard together with allen keys, you’d almost be forgiven for thinking I hadn’t been paying attention to the outside world (house purchase as ultimate form of narcissism: discuss).

I did notice that election thing looming though. I haven’t been talking about it much, because I get a bit paranoid about the (/any) level of political talking at work, as well I should, with that whole objective thing and all. This has led to a dilemma: someone from work keeps inviting me to the “I support John Howard” and “Vote LIBERAL on Nov 24th” groups on facebook.

What to do? Obvs, a) IGNORE. But then what? How do I let them know, in a polite way, that I would no more vote for John Howard than stab my eyeballs out with hot pokers, and not only do I not support him, I think he’s an evil, divisive bastard?

Suggestions welcome.




6 responses

5 11 2007

Punch them in the throat.Its the only answer.

6 11 2007

Perhaps you could invite them to “I bet I can find 1000 people who hate John Howard”, or “I”ll be drinking to Howard’s end on election day” (That’s the man not the book). That should give them the hint!

6 11 2007

Perhaps you could start your own facebook group “I think John Howard is C***” and invite them to join… that ought to give them the message!J

6 11 2007

Do you have to let them know anything? cf the ‘eloquence of silence’ 😉

6 11 2007

can you find a creepy group to invite him to? horny bastards for gerbils?

7 11 2007

Destroy them just a little. Tell them that you have always thought he was a nice person who seemed to make sense but that, lately, you have come to appreciate that he is a liar who treats the people with contempt. You have been telling all of your friends about this and they all agree with you, now. Sad but this decision is absolutely irrevocable.

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