Milo bar

6 11 2007

Today I had a Milo bar.

It’s been a few years, I admit. And I’m not a huge chocolate eater to start with. Maybe it was the horses, maybe it was the small lunch, but at about 3 o’clock I was craving some crunchy Milo action like there was no tomorrow.

Ah, Milo. There was a time, mostly in first year uni, when a cup full of Milo powder, with just enough milk added to make it into a paste, could be (and was) called lunch. The Milo bar was the next step, with the added bonus of chocolate on the outside. What’s there not to love about Milo, and by extension, the Milo bar?


At some point in the last, ooh, few/ten years, they’ve done something AWFUL to the humble Milo bar. The Milo is gone, replaced by some sort of cardboard stuff, and there’s a chewy part at the top, and WHERE IS THE MILO? It’s not called a bullshit-chocolate-crackle-with-bad-caramel bar. It’s a MILO bar.

I thought I’d gone mad, but a quick google shows that I’m not the only one not digging the “new, improved” version. Here’s a petition to bring back the old Milo bar.

And you know what else? Trying to get to the Milo Australia website just takes you the Nestle front page, as if to rub your nose in how you’ve discarded your mid-nineties ban on buying Nestle products for the sake of a mid-afternoon craving. Although I did spend a couple of minutes on the Milo Malaysia site working out how healthy I was… Answer: LESS SO SINCE YOU ATE A ‘NEW IMPROVED’ MILO BAR, PORKER.





3 responses

6 11 2007
lil shaz

TRAVESTY.Bring back the old Milo bar.Those things were great. In high school, I was the only one that ate them. Poor misguided fools.

7 11 2007

Mmmm, Milo sludge! I haven’t had a glass of Milo sludge in years. Probably a good thing, because after I’d finished the sludge I generally moved on to directly eating out of the tin with a spoon.

7 11 2007

Oh, cee, I know exactly what you mean. *bows head in shame**picks up spoon**uses spoon to open tin*

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