Common feeling

26 11 2007

A big difference between this election and the last–apart from the obvious, duh–is how it felt.

Last time I was closer to the campaigning, probably close enough that I couldn’t see the forest. I was living in the Canberra small-l-liberal bubble, and I shared a house with a Labor staffer. That’s gotta warp your perceptions a bit. I was hoping against hope and the disappointment was personal as well as political.

This time, I had a broader view. Blogs were a large part of this, and the wealth of views on the tubes gave me understanding of the different sides. I mean, people don’t generally spew bile and invective about their political views in day to day life. But swing past your Blairs and Bolts and the comments section of most articles and you’ll be clobbered with vitriol about, well, anything and everything, really, but particularly about how LATTE BELT WETS R RUINING THIS LAND AND RUDD EATS HIS EARWAX HOW COULD HE RUN THE COUNTRY. Or to paraphrase the awesome Clarke and Dawe, “Boo!”

On the flip side was the sense that I wasn’t alone. Blog after blog after blog after blog after blog of people with rational, intelligent things* to say about it all (and the occasional lolpollie, which I am more than ok with). And that’s before you even get to the politics blogs (filed in my rss reader under ‘ranty’, to remind me that all people have barrows to push; even if you quite agree with the barrow, it doesn’t hurt to remember). I didn’t have the time or the energy to do much more than pay attention, but knowing I was part of a much bigger, rantier community made the endless campaign more bearable and the final result that much sweeter.

Also last time there were no First Dog On The Moon cartoons. I’m sad that the end of the campaign means the end of these popping up in my Crikey every day.

* and their own fair share of vitriol, it’s true.




5 responses

26 11 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

It feels good doesn’t it? The small-minds-and-small-mouths are quite now, and I can enjoy the fragrant, frangipani summer in peace.Not being entirely enamoured of Rudd didn’t stop me from doing my bit. You’ve gotta understand though: I don’t just want victory, I want Glory.

27 11 2007

Ah, but a whole new set of problems. We now have to make sure that they deliver the product that we have all been waiting for.Compared to what we have had they are nice problems to have.Just watched Kevvie on TV. He was better than I expected.But I do come off a low base.

28 11 2007
The Duck Herder

all hail queen maxine! all hail the queen! little sherdie – Pa Kettle is beside himself! love you!

29 11 2007

While politics isn’t my special subject, I like to think I made a small difference last Saturday.I hadn’t handed out how-to-votes since I was a student, but this time I got right into it. I looked people in the eye and, where appropriate, spoke to them about what sort of difference their vote could make. Any bitterness from not getting my preferred Senate candidate up was swamped by the sweetness of Kevin07’s victory. (Oh yeah, and Maxine’s result in Bennelong was the cherry on the top.)Thanks for the link.

30 11 2007

It feels brilliant. Optimism and frangipani are similar scents, I think.

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