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30 11 2007

* I sold my car.
Billie the Shoebox has been handed over to a 17 year old. He is being loved and cut & polished to within an inch of his life, and looks like a new car. Meanwhile, I am carless. De-car-ed. For the first time since I was a teenager. I walk to work. I walk to the markets. I get the bus, or taxi, or train, to where I need to go. I cancelled my car insurance today. It was a nice moment.

* I got my motorbike learner’s licence.
Much to my mother’s horror. I promise, Ma, I have even less interest in hurting myself or dying than you do. Promise.

* I realised my boss wants me to stay and thinks I might leave. Thinks I could walk into a job at a higher level. And is prepared to try to keep me.
How odd. I don’t think I’m a bad worker but I’m pretty sure I’m replaceable. Here’s hoping my boss doesn’t realise that any time soon. Weirdly, it’s this more than anything else that has made me want to stay.

* A crush was born, and it died, and no-one noticed except for me and the poor bastards I whinged to about it.
This is why I am single; this chronic inability to act, 素直になれない. Or as K says, because I’m so good at talking myself out of things. At its height, my hands shook after I talked to him. How is it that I can be confident in my work, in my life in general, but when it comes to attraction, I’m suddenly all I carried a watermelon? Gah. It’s been a while since I was this interested in someone else’s story. Did I tell him that? No. Because I am the world’s biggest fraidycat. But today there was a moment where I realised he wasn’t interested in my story. All evidence to: he thinks I’m a twit. Ah well. Fish, sea, something or other (but I wanted that fish…).

* A weekend ahead to fill up my heart.
Did you know? I am surrounded by the most incredible people. Some of them are in Brisbane, some of them are scattered across the country. Tomorrow, after a morning spent with two of my most favorite people in the world, I’ll fly south to bask in the varied presences of some other top folks. And I’ll be all, “romantic love is shit, it’s all about your friends.” And it will be true.




6 responses

1 12 2007

Can I just say that if he’s not interested in your story he’s a friggin douchebag (unfortunately probably a very attractive, highly shaggable douchebag but a douchebag nonetheless)because your tops!

2 12 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

Motorcycles?Saturday Night Fiver can help with all your motorcycling needs. Come and talk with one of our friendly staff for expert service and advice.(In point of fact I’ve still got my old CB250 I’m wanting to shift. A grand will get you the best learner bike you’ll ever need.)

4 12 2007

’tis true, it is all about us. Heart filled, thank you.

4 12 2007

v heart filled weekend however must defend smug married status and say romantic love has its place in the world too, just not in a pub with four beer filled (but very attractive) girls…oh how i love thee! brain still too dehydrated from the wekend to count the ways though.heh heh – word verification is ‘ykinkzh’

5 12 2007

I would provide advice on motor cycles but it is not politic at this point.Can’t do much on the other front either I am afraid. You do know that there are lots of people – probably most – in the same boat don’t you? Just rock on. All good things will happen in due course or season or whatever.200 magpie geese just went off to do their business for the day. All very peaceful and friendly at this time of the day.

11 12 2007

Thanks j!SNF – much appreciated – but it will be a while until I actually get a bike. And then, don’t shudder, but it’s likely it will be a *whispers* 125…alby, miff & mangoman… xx

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