11 12 2007

Maybe you don’t notice how far you are in it until someone from outside points it out.

Maybe you don’t know how much you don’t want it until you’re in a room with the people with teh names and you can’t be bothered playing the game.

Maybe you don’t see how easy it is until you do it.

And it’s easy.

Maybe you don’t realise how much you need water until a tall, cool glass comes your way.

Maybe you want more, or less, than this candlelit room full of handshakes and whispers.

Even if the hors d’œuvres are nice.




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11 12 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

The salty lips of the socialite sistersWith their continental fingers that haveNever seen working blisters … Oh I know they’ve got their problems;I wish I was one of them.I thought it was my schtick to talk in riddles. Oh such disappointment … .

11 12 2007

It’s the Christmas season… it’s all about the riddle…

12 12 2007

ARE YOU SAYING WHAT I THINK YOU ARE SAYING??? I think we need to have a chat deary!

12 12 2007

Please, just go out and play now.

12 12 2007

To clarify: I am not talking about boys. I do have other things in my life as well. Thank you.

12 12 2007

Well, what else?? Did you get drunk at Xmas drinks with your Minister and display an over-developed arrogance? Or under-developed emotional intelligence? Or what?

12 12 2007

Ohhh… what a mysterious post 😉

13 12 2007

Are you being intentionally cryptic to make your life sound exciting?Or did someone at the cocktail party out you as an imposter!! “Look, Sherd’s an alien! She has green fluro blood…which, I might add, is quite the in thing with the kiddies these days….Oh no! Her eyes have gone all black and swirly-like! WWBD?!?! RUN!”

13 12 2007

Look, sometimes a girl just wants to get shickered and blurt some stream of consciousness on the internerd. Alright? And sometimes the writing of shickered people is NOT AS CLEAR AS IT COULD BE. And sometimes I don’t feel like explaining. A GIRL LIKES TO HAVE SOME SECRETS YOU KNOW. Harrumph.So there.

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