How did I get a blister on my heel?

1 02 2008

In flat shoes?

Walking home with MsG along the Riverwalk after a couple of sneaky beers, that’s how.

We get blisters because we walk too fast.

We walk too fast because we solve the world’s problems as we walk.

We solve the world’s problems by getting so involved we don’t notice our feet until we get blisters.




3 responses

2 02 2008

i think they sell some kind of body glide thing at a kiosk in the lobbies of the various united nations buildings. blisters are good. they say “i’m bright enough to solve world peace, but i’m still a delicate little flower.”

2 02 2008
The Duck Herder

well, it is hard work solving the problems of the world, so a few blisters could be expected!keep up the good work miss rocket!

3 02 2008

i’ve done that very thing! walked along the brisbane river, maybe a pit pissy, solving the problems of the world! i don’t remember getting any blisters though – perhaps the problems of the world weren’t as bad back then?

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