I won’t decorate my love

1 02 2008

I’m finally doing the thing I thought of when I first walked up the steps to this World’s Biggest Impulse Buy (TM)–sitting on the verandah, with a glass of wine, some twinkling city lights in the distance, a laptop and a feeling of peace.

It’s gold.

I’ve been thinking about this blogging business, why I do it, why I don’t do it. It started as a lazy way to keep in touch with people. Then it became an outlet, an expression of a part of who I am. The problem there is I tend to think I’m in this private, blurty, spontaneous space, when in fact people are reading it and making judgements about how I am and what I am doing and what I should or shouldn’t be doing… and then feel the need to have discussions with me about those things.

Based on what I’ve written here.

Well, why write that stuff then?

The thing is, I like this litte sherdie space I’ve created. The name started as a bit of a joke (thanks Miff), but now I like it. I want to keep going with it.

Also because I’m too lazy to change.

So it looks like we’re stuck with it.

Let’s go with it then.




4 responses

1 02 2008

you can’t leave. you entertain me too much. i know just the couch you should be sitting on, too.

2 02 2008

I think you mean “just the couch you should be sitting in”, don’t you?I think it would add a certain something to my little house, that’s for sure.

3 02 2008

my pleasure treasure – i have a real talent for making un-wanted nick names stick.mwah!

3 02 2008


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