They say the way you spend new years eve is the way you’ll spend the year.*

1 02 2008

I spent Christmas in the heat and sweat of the monsoon.

Well, technically, the monsoon only came through on Boxing Day. So really, I spent Christmas in the heat and sweat of the build-up, and new years in the cool of the monsoon.


I was home, and it rained, and when it didn’t rain, it was hot.

There’s a strange feeling I get when I’m at home. I shouldn’t be surprised, sentimental idiot that I am. That aching pull that comes with knowing what a place looks like in all different kinds of light. There’s a version of me that exists in that light, a version slightly changed from other, differently lit versions of me. All these versions, overlaid, simulacra. When I am in the version closest to who I think I am, I feel most comfortable, most real, most in this world. The bruised yellow-grey halflight before the storm, when the wind gusts high and cool and the world shrinks and is enclosed in a wall of falling water. There. I am.

* Or was this on the OC? I grow hazy in my advanced age.




3 responses

1 02 2008

Rain smells sweeter to those who have experienced the build-up.

2 02 2008
The Duck Herder

hey- its nice to see a photo from whence the rocket comethed.

3 02 2008

i think the o.c. adage is : “whoever you pash on new year’s eve is the one you will break up with many times over the coming year”.or something.

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