Skin writing

9 02 2008

Dermatographia is a fairly common disorder where pressure on the skin causes hives. You’ve probably never heard of it.

This artist has it. (via notcot)

Me too.

Here’s what happens.

You draw on your skin with something blunt, like a chopstick.

After about 5 minutes, your skin responds.

It gets more acute over the next ten or twenty minutes, as you wonder why you didn’t think to do this on an area of your body easier to photograph than the inside of your forearm.

Then it goes away.

Easily amused? Entirely possibly.




7 responses

10 02 2008

Is there a special technique… I gave it a shot but I think I missed out on this skin disease.. bugger I had lots of witty things I wanted to write on my body too!

10 02 2008

No, Sherdie. That’s just weird.Or maybe I’m just jealous because it doesn’t work on me.

11 02 2008

No special technique, you just need a freaky immune system. Bringing you the weird since 2005, Mr Fitz. *bows*

11 02 2008
Saturday Night Fiver

I haven’t got blogworthy dermatology … but I do have a lovely bunch of coconuts.

11 02 2008

Yes, but are they blogworthy coconuts, or just lovely?

12 02 2008
Saturday Night Fiver

Just lovely, Sherd. Just lovely.

14 02 2008

i should discourage this, but i like it too much. do you do requests? can we get you to do our names for a photo and a frame? do i hear “marketeer”?

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