Something old, something new

14 02 2008

My washing machine died.

Well, technically, my washing machine has been dead for a while. At least a year. We’re talking about my old washing machine, which ran on that newfangled electric power. Not the washing machine I’ve been using for over a year, which runs on me power.

A couple of weeks ago the old one got pulled to pieces. I took the glass window from the front door (for a salad bowl), and I had visions of a stainless steel drum planter, all modern and shiny with lemongrass bursting from the top. I didn’t reckon on the massive, solid, very-well-riveted steel shaft coming out the bottom of the drum. No worries, though, it’s now doing upside down double duty as a plant stand and foot stool.


I also got my hands on a wall sticker, from Wall Allure. I’ve been lusting after these for a while, and then I saw them in the Craft Queensland gallery and it got bad. Real bad. A stroll through the Valley markets and, well, let’s just say I was very restrained to come home with only one. I sense that one day the lotus and the bamboo may make it into my little house; for now, I’m content with the curly bird.


I’m off to spend the weekend sipping champagne in a pink dress. Have a good one.




4 responses

14 02 2008
The Duck Herder

hmmmmmmmshiiiiiny!and….cuuuuuurrrrrlllly.I like that little curly bird near your window miss sherd. and re the sorry on the hill – you are always there too when the Mountain Man and I are together!have a lovely weekend and dont spill too much bubly on that pink frock. ok?

14 02 2008

you are so the reverse art queen Sherdles.and i agree with duck herder – watch out for that bubbly, it can have a mind of its own sometimes.

14 02 2008


15 02 2008

I want.Very. Very. Much.Nice find!

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