26 03 2008

I’ve been thinking a lot about the nature of friendship. What does history add to the tensile strength of the connection between two people, and is the weight of years enough to hold it together when everything else has eroded? Love, respect, guilt and obligation and their effect on the breaking strain.

Alby’s in town and has been my partner in these rambling chats. She makes it clear for me, ‘It’s the past. The past is important. But it’s the past.’

Coming to terms with changing connections as you move through life: learning to enjoy it for what it is, or was; understand it forms a part of who you are; and let it go when it has come to its end, without regret or sadness.

The sadness is unavoidable though, isn’t it?




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27 03 2008

In general terms (I mean, without casting nasturtiums on your personal circumstances, Sherdie) I think the world would be a better place if we all forgot the past.We cannot change it. But we can shape the future.

27 03 2008

& what I like (& sometimes need to remind myself of), is that we get to choose the shape.

28 03 2008

a friend of a friend (do not read: me) took a friend of hers out to dinner and divorced them. something along the lines of:”spending time with you makes me feel bad. this is the last time I’ll be seeing you. i’m divorcing you.”i don’t have anyone i’d particularly like to divorce, but maybe a couple i’d like to demote. people who’s friendship i’d like to remove myself from and go back to being aquaintances.

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