Creme caramel

10 08 2009

Today was such a Monday.

Not that Mondays are always awful – the beauty of not-loving-not-hating your job means that the long week stretching out ahead becomes a matter of planning rather than survival. But today was a Monday in that stereotypical, Garfieldesque reverse-Midas way.

Anyway. Now I am home safe with a nasty headache for company. On the walk home, I told myself that buying something deli/expensive/highly processed/alcoholic for dinner because I had a bad day was counter-productive and a bad habit and I’d feel better if I did an hour of yoga instead, which would also save me money.

I felt very virtuous and empowered, and maybe I will do an hour of yoga.

After I eat these corn chips and this eggplant dip and this creme caramel.

And finish this beer.




One response

18 08 2009
duck herder

yeah. Its like the yoghurt and bottled peaches followed by a tin of mussels in oil followed by a pot of chai…….the “I just limped home from a crazy day at work what can I put in my tummy RIGHT NOW” feeding frenzy……


where IS that Yoga DVD……and why does my tummy feel funny.

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