MasterSteak: the beginning

19 08 2009

For many a moon now, I’ve been turning up to the Caxton every few weeks on a Monday night. A group of friends have a standing date there for the half-price main meals. We’ve been doing it for so long that we know each other’s orders.

For the last little while, I’ve thought the steaks were going downhill, tasting charred on the outside and flavourless on the inside. My steaks tasted like they’d been baked and then finished on the grill. Given that it’s a half-price meal on a busy night in a big place, I wasn’t too worried. Instead I (scotch, rare, pepper sauce on the side,  cracked pepper, seeded mustard) switched to the fish of the day (barramundi or snapper, with always perfectly done green veges in a garlic butter), but the others kept on with their steaks.

The Architect (rump, medium, hollandaise sauce on the side, cracked pepper) cracked first and said to me that he thought the steaks weren’t what they used to be. That was the opening I needed. I suggested to T1 (scotch, rare, hollandaise on the side, hot english mustard in the hollandaise, lots of pepper), T2 (scotch, medium-rare, hollandaise on the side), PapaD (rump, medium-rare, various sauces, lots of cracked pepper) and Alby (scotch, well, various sauces, horseradish) that we consider a change of venue.

But not just any change of venue. A challenge. A benchmark.

Thus MasterSteak was born: we will seek out cheap meals around the City/Valley area, with a preference for steak. We will try them.  We will judge them.

The criteria are: Monday or Tuesday nights. Walking distance from the city. Total cost of meal no more than $16 (the cost of the scotch at the Caxton).

Stay tuned.




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25 08 2009
MasterSteak round 1: the Queen’s Arms « Sherdie

[…] limited choice: there were two specials – the sirloin and a chicken burrito. Of course, the full menu had many options. But we were there for the cheap menu as per the criteria. […]

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