The CSA experiment

16 12 2009

Just a quickie to tell Brisvegas locals about foodconnect, a community supported agriculture (CSA) mob who provide tasty organic food from the South-East corner to your door. Well, not actually to your door, but to the door of your city cousin located conveniently somewhere near you.

We tried a four-week subscription of the mixed mini box. I loved the taste and variety of the vegies – I had forgotten that even the humble carrot could be so very delicious, and it was interesting to see what was in the box each week. The weekly pickup was  a bit tricky for us, but that was due to some teething issues with our city cousin rather than anything to do with the way to overall system works. The cost ($30 a week for the mixed mini) was on par with what we’d spend at the markets and we don’t usually buy organic, so that was a bonus. And given that we’re out 3 or 4 nights a week, the amount was just right for dinners at home and lunches each day.

But really, the clincher is that the taste of the fruit and veg is just so good. It’s hard to overstate the difference between bland, rocksolid supermarket veg and these little morsels of deliciousness in the CSA box.

In the new year we’ll probably re-subscribe for a larger mixed box once a fortnight, topping up as needed with the occasional sneaky market trip. That should sort out the issue with the city cousin and keep us rolling in yummy, sustainable local produce for the forseeable future.




One response

18 12 2009
the duck herder

yay! yay! Yay! how is the architect? How was your box of veggies this week? How is the mediation going? how how how?

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