Sweet Christmas

1 01 2010

It’s probably bad form to post about Christmas when it’s all about New Year’s, but indulge me a quick one.

Look at this handmade gingerbread house, given to the Architect by a client who does something with catering and so apparently has people who think nothing of whipping up a bunch of these between service.

Actually, we ended up with two in the end. I don’t really get the gingerbread-Christmas link, and the snowman was tipsily gnawed upon on Christmas day (not by me – by a guest!) and hasn’t been the same since. But look at the little door with the doorknob and star! And the monstrous wreath! It all made me feel very… Christmassy. Which can’t be a bad thing.




2 responses

1 01 2010

i’ll give a good beating to the tipsy guest for killing the snowman! sorry about that..

looks really pretty in its full gingerbread house set. i’ll get you a new one this year x

2 01 2010

Well, I ate his scarf and some of the presents, so we’re probably equally culpable! x

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