Cook everything in one recipe book

1 02 2010

The background

I love recipe books. I love two things about them.

The first is the pictures. I love food styling and presentation. I love flipping through the pages and seeing what catches my eye.

The second is the usefulness of them. I love buying books and having books and most things about books. But living in a studio means that my dreams of a library room (with a ladder, natch) are temporarily on hold. Over the last four or five years I’ve downsized to about a tenth of what I used to have. It broke my heart, but with all the other options it’s hard to justify the space books can take up. Necessity is a cold hard bitch at times and things like bookcrossing made it more bearable. But recipe books… they’re useful. Easy to justify having something useful around the place. Right?

Despite some firm words with myself over the years, my recipe book collection has grown. Not to 101 Cookbooks levels, but it’s up there.

The challenge

In what is clearly an exercise in self-justification, I have to choose one recipe book, and cook everything in it. Until I have done that, I’m banned from buying any more recipe books.

The book I’ve chosen is Delicious 5 of the Best. The book has five of the ‘best’ recipes from the last five years of the magazine – so, five different white fish recipes, five different pasta recipes and so on. It’s got a good mix of meals vs starters vs desserts as well as cuisines – meditteranean, other european, south east asian, south asian, east asian, and a good dollop of that mythical beast, australian. Plus most of the stuff in there looks pretty tasty, which was the main thing.

There’s about 150 recipes in the book, so more than enough to be going on with. I’ll post the updates on this one over at sherdlife.




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