Creating space

8 04 2010

Since Neckgate2010, I’ve been creating space. Space in my poor, screwed up little muscles and joints, space in my crunched up time, and space in my racing thoughts.

Slowing down. Spreading out. Breathing.

My tricks are yoga, food and fresh air. Simple, but there it is. I went to a proper yoga class, having neglected it since changing jobs. We did backbends.  Then I came home and made laksa and read a sad book and cried and knitted for a baby and cried and made a cup of tea and cried.

The Architect was out and came home towards the end of the catharsis. He finds it odd.  Why cry if you’re not sad? I can’t really explain it myself. I felt like it. So I did. It felt good. Then I stopped. That felt good too.

The end.




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