9 06 2010

The difference between being unemployed and being ‘between jobs’ is psychological. Right now, I have no income after next week and no contract in place. I do have a few possibilities swirling around, but nothing locked in yet. Clearly, one of those possibilities is that the final day of being employed will slip past and I’ll enter limbo for a little while.

I’m not particularly worried, mostly because I’m willing and able to take the first job that looks likely, which tends to open the market right up. But, these are the moments I’m glad that I paid ahead on my mortgage and focussed on saving some sort of buffer.

In the meantime, I’ve spent my requisite couple of days slothing around, or as I’ve been thinking of it, recalibrating. Over the next blissful two weeks I have a full schedule of errands, cooking, knitting, watching old John Cusack movies, yoga and gardening.

Speaking of that last one, here’s some seedlings in the nursery. Yay.




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