10 10 2010

I worked out a few years ago that I’m the kind of person who works best with savings accounts separated from my other money, and named for the thing I’m saving for. It seems really simple and obvious, but somehow doing that stops my brain from thinking that money could be spent on anything else apart from what the account is named. So I have “holiday”, and “wisdom teeth”, and “fabulous shoes”, and so on.

There’s also one called “slush”, which is for things that I want, but really can’t justify. Only a little trickle of cash makes its way into that one each pay, but it’s enough to allow me to get things like my beautiful zero japan crackle green teapot or the most snuggly pair of black ugg boots ever. And it stops me feeling like I’m living a completely frugal lifestyle, because that money is there for me to blow on things for no other reason than I want them. As a bonus, it makes me really be clear that I want a particular thing before I buy it, because it comes at the expense of other pretty things I could get. A good system, for me, and who knew it was so easy to mess with your own mind?

Anyway. The point of all this is that for the last little while (like, 8 months or so) I’ve had the slush account earmarked for a Le Creuset dutch oven. Well, to be honest, I wasn’t hung up on the brand, but in my searchings of the internets I had narrowed my wantings down to the Le Creuset in blue or the Staub in green. There is no reason to really own one of these – I can do most of the things it can do with either a saucepan or the slowcooker – and yet… and yet…

So, there I was, trickling little bits of cash into my slush fund and waiting for mid-2011, when I would have enough to buy one of these enamelled beauties. Dreaming of the day I could make cassoulet and no-knead bread and lamb shanks.

And then, through the machinations of the universe, one fell into my lap. Almost mint condition. In blue.  A year ahead of schedule.

So what do I do? Two things.

First, I put it in the cupboard and let it sit there for almost a month, as though I’m scared that if I use it, someone will come and take it away from me.

Second, I have a minor freakout about the slush fund. The money’s now freed up to be used for something else that I want, right? Wrong. That little mind trick is strong, I tells ya. Brain says, but that money’s for a dutch oven. FOR A DUTCH OVEN. ONLY FOR A DUTCH OVEN.

Not only does it take me a while to work out that I can spend it on something else, for a little while I can’t even think of anything else I want to spend it on.

I’m like a demented Jedi here.

But it’s okay. I’ve since realised the slush fund can sit there, being slushy, until the right thing comes along.

And I’m making a beef and guiness stew in it right now. So far, no ominous knocks at the door.

So all’s well that ends well.




2 responses

10 10 2010

I love this post! I have also admired the same teapot, but I didnt have a suitably labeled slush fund, and i had just been put on the money diet….

you are so cute and I do hope that stew is delicious.

love duckiexxxxxx

10 10 2010

A difficult issue but there must be something in all of Japan that you may just want to bring back and that you haven’t thought of yet.

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