Neglectablog and homeosherdie

17 10 2010

Yes, I’ve been a sorely neglectful blogger, it’s true. There’s so much other stuff happening and I’ve been so very, very tired lately.

On that note, on a friend’s recommendation I went to see a naturopath-type person last week, re tiredness and general malaise. I have some massive cognitive dissonance going on with natural therapies. On the one hand, there’s a whole range of things we don’t know about the universe and how it works. On the other, well, SCIENCE.

So don’t ever get me started on homeopathy.

But placebos, yep, totally down with that, and the subtle effects of the brain and the power of cultural processes, I’m a believer. Also, say, for example, that over the last couple of millenia some people might have worked out some shizz where problem A can be sorted by action B and while the explanation they’ve come up with for that might not be, you know, real, it doesn’t take away from the efficacy of the action…(which again comes back to the idea of the placebo)? That sorts out that annoying dissonance thing quite nicely. And did I mention the tired? So, so tired. I need…something. I need someone to look at me and tell me that for six weeks I need tiny needles in my meridians and to eat only lentil husks and wheatgrass juice and then I’ll be right. Because I kind of think that then I might be.

Which brings us to the present. I have, in the last three days, had my eyes, qi, internal organs (by way of my wrists) and urine tested. I was told, amazingly, that my urine was mildly acidic. I resisted the urge to be a smartarse knowitall. I paid a silly amount for two small glass bottles of water. Again, I resisted the urge to talk about how diluting something one in a hundred twelve times generally renders it ineffective. I suspect I’ll pay more money to be told I can’t eat cheese or pickles or raw food or white rice (and then I will die of starvation because those are my four main food groups) or alcohol (number five).

The Architect, bless his cotton socks, is rightly sceptical. Not of the naturopathy itself, but of me undergoing the naturopathy. Why do something you don’t believe in? he asks. And he has a point. Except, well, I sort of want to believe. Because that would make everything a lot easier. I’ve already learnt that it’s surprisingly easy to trick your own mind. Do you think I can trick myself into health? Is this what faith is?

Anyway. Worth a shot. If it works I’ll be happy because I will have banished the tired and I can attribute it to the placebo effect. If it doesn’t work, I can write it off conclusively.

I believe that’s called empirical research.




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