Chilled tomato and harissa soup

15 12 2010

Summer’s here, and the time is right…

for chilled soups!

First time making a chilled soup, first time making a soup with bread in it (apart from croutons), first time using harissa.

Seemed like a perfect thing to cook when there were people coming around!

Some notes on the chilled tomato and harissa soup:

* If, like me, your wallet or garden doesn’t stretch to 1kg of vine ripened tomatoes, nor your time to peeling and deseeding them, two 400g tins plus a punnet of ripe cherry tomatoes works nicely.

* I couldn’t find harissa. After checking out a few recipes, I decided to substitute it with half a teaspoon of my hotter than the sun sambal oelek, some cumin and a splash of vinegar. Worked just fine.

* I used half normal olive oil and half wasabi infused olive oil. Gave it a nice kick. And I used a bit less than 200ml, because, well, 200ml seemed like a lot.

I ate the leftovers the day after and it was pretty good – stood up to a full bowl instead of little cups. Will make again… probably.




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19 07 2012
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