Prosciutto wraps

20 12 2010

Some of the things in the Delicious cookbook are really only going to get made when there’s people coming over and I want to feed them something a bit fancy.

My inner Nigella tells me I should be making fancy meals for the Architect and I to enjoy, the two of us, with candles and rose petals and so on. But she gets beaten down by my inner Germaine and, truth be told, my inner person with a full time job.

So that brings us to prosciutto wraps. Pretty quick and easy, tasty despite forgetting the dressing, easily customisable. Case(s) in point: I made some with sliced roast beef for a non-pork eater and I couldn’t get green beans so I used asparagus.  I used mostly cress and shungiku as the ‘micro salad’ because I had an abundance in my gutter garden. I also had to stab them with toothpicks to get them to stay together, but that’s also because I was trying to make food that people could eat with one hand.

Bringing us back to the question of how much adaptation can you do before it becomes a new recipe?

But for the purposes of 101 things, I declare that this one satisfies the requirements and was, indeed, a prosciutto wrap. Served on a banana-leaf plate, my new favourite thing in the world for feeding the masses – as easy as other disposable plates but this one’s compostable.





One response

22 12 2010

Sounds good. Did you grow the banana leaves yourself?

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