Three sleeps to go

22 12 2010

Really? Is that all? Three sleeps til Christmas.

Three sleeps to a sweet, sweet week to laze about, try to work out which bits of the garden haven’t become irretrievably waterlogged, have afternoon naps with the Architect, read books, have beers at lunch and generally watch the world go by.

I’ve just come home from the Architect’s work Christmas party. He works with some really lovely people, and I get to see them two or three times a year. It’s always nice to see them, not least because he sees them every day and I hear stories about them most days…

Anyway. They were all kicking on, but I have to get up and go to work tomorrow and I knew that with one more (free) drink I’d feel like having a big night. Hooray for sobriety and maturity, right?

So instead I’ve come home to sit on the green couch and eat cocktail onions and faff about on the internet. I had meant to do a whole bunch of reading tonight, but after a 7.30 appointment this morning and a long, long day, I think some surf and pickle time is justified.

The 7.30am thing was the osteopath, who (gently!) made my neck become loose and happy (this was the third visit). Then I moseyed in to work for some talking about how we could make sure older peeps are supported to live independently, and then some talking about health reform, and then some thinking and writing about the perils of income management, and then a lovely end of year morning tea thing with everyone in the office (yum), and someone gave me amazing sugared almonds and someone else gave me lemon and ginger tea and someone else gave me a goat (virtually). Then I got to go to lunch with some of the lovely and clever people I work with, and on the way home (with boss riding shotgun) I picked up my foodconnect box along with some delicious fruit, some amazing little ligurian olives, raw honey, peanut butter, avocado oil and a big pile of eggplant to turn into something delicious for Christmas day. Then I hit a bit of a productivity wall, probably because of the sneaky beer at lunch, so I did some sorting and de-piling and paid some attention to my plants on the windowsill. Then I did a bit more thinking and writing and also some planning and then took my bag of shredded paper and the organic waste bin and my box of food off home.

Then, in other exciting news, when I got home today I had the most lovely surprise. See this? No, really, click on the link. See the owl?

The most freaking awesome tea cosy in the whole world?

Well HE’S MINE NOW, thanks to the lovely and clever and talented Duckherder.

The perfect end to a good day.





One response

22 12 2010

heehee – glad you like him Sherdie. Plus, now you have permission to go out and buy a new tea pot (if you don;t have the perfect one already)
happy christmas darling.

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