Almost sort of working

2 01 2011

The toilet cistern is busted. Not completely, but almost sort of busted. Almost sort of working, too. It leaks, so we have to put a chinese chopstick under the arm to stop the constant fill. The cistern lid is off, leaning against the wall, showing the tank of the cistern and the plastic and metal contraption in it in all its glory.

We’ve had a few people over while the loo has been in this state of mild decrepitude. Amusingly, the vast majority of them have known exactly what to do to flush the dodgy toilet.

Which leads me to this question. Is it true that everyone has, at some stage, had an almost sort of working toilet? Is it, in fact, unAustralian not to have had a dodgy loo at some stage?






2 responses

3 01 2011

damn straight.

and REALLY, your cistern should have a brick in it.

18 01 2011

Based on recent personal experience, people in some countries believe that toilet seats and lids are also unnecessary. And these are not decrepit toilets.

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