Gutter garden

8 01 2011

There’s something I’ve been meaning to show you. It’s pretty awesome.

Here’s a sneak peek.

A bunch of cress seedlings? you say. How is that exciting?

But wait. There’s more.

The gutter garden is here!

(Well, actually, it’s been here for about 6 weeks now).

It’s dreamy. Truly. I love it a very lot. It has cress, shungiku, chives, shiso, rocket and thyme in it. They all love it.

Here it is from the other end.

What’s that? You want one too? Well it’s super easy. Here is the recipe.


1 length of guttering

Appropriate amount of guttering attachment things


Green scourer pad



Potting mix

Water saving crystals

Slow release fertiliser

Sphagnum moss



1. Drill a few holes in one end of the gutter. This is where any excess water will drain out.

2. Attach the gutter to where it is going to go.

3. Put the scourer pad over the holes.

4. Put a layer of sand along the length of the gutter.

5. Put a layer of coir over the sand.

6. Sprinkle water saving crystals and fertiliser around.

7. Put a layer of potting mix on top.

8. Add seeds.

9. Put a layer of sphagnum moss (or another mulch).

10. Enjoy.

I don’t water it too much – mostly because we’ve been getting plenty of big fat rain coming in the verandah, which is keeping everything on the verandah moist. It’s lovely being able to wander on to the balcony and pick myself some greens for salad or whatever. I recommend it.




2 responses

9 01 2011

hooray! that is so so so so cute. And functional.

me like.

9 01 2011

I love it a very lot too!

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