Red right hand

10 01 2012

So I’ve got a busted right wing.

Well, not technically busted. Technically lacking mechanical stability. And not technically my wing, being as I can’t fly, but in fact my shoulder.

You get the general idea though. I can do most things as long as I don’t, you know, move my right arm. Lift it or suspend it in the air or try to use it or lie on it.

For how long? Well, until it stops hurting, apparently.

Approaching it as a reason to slow down and look at things. Consider things. Chill out. And make the Architect hang out all the washing (line’s too high, no way I can get my arm up there).

You know what’s tricky? Making 4 litres of kimchi with your left hand.

Yep. Tricky.

But totally worth it.





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