Done and done

29 01 2012

Let’s review. I forgot to put a couple of things on the list, so I should add those on for completeness.

  • Marinate roo (for dinner – Australia Day, natch)
  • Sort desk
  • Put all the things away!
  • Make gyoza skins and gyoza
  • Go to Sydney for a decadent weekend
  • Get my first som tam of the year (yum) at Chat Thai in Thaitown (still not as good as the Parap markets but that’s mostly just because I’m a wanker)
  • Sip chilled wine with chilled people in a chilled-out courtyard
  • Eat an incredible dinner at Sokyo (Moreton Bay bug sashimi holy moly)
  • Have an amazing coffee tequila shot
  • Be exceptionally hungover
  • Have a breakfast tagine in Balmain (amazing, really, I should have taken a photo but was far too hungover)
  • Pick up a salted caramel lamington from Adriano Zumbo
  • Watch a middle aged woman with a small dog sneakily leave her dog poo in a bag on the footpath – possibly not realising (or more likely not caring) the entire verandah of the the pub across the road was watching her
  • Watch the poor owner of the shop she left the bag in front of come out, pick it up, and look quite disgusted
  • Go to a fabulous party in the penthouse at the Meriton and watch the Chinese New Year fireworks from above
  • Swan around in my new dogstar splurge dress
  • Eat a platter full of German pork products for breakfast (well, part of a platter) and rediscover my love of sauerkraut. And my love of crackling, although it never went anywhere so it’s not really rediscovery, is it?

Failed on the following:

  • Knit like a mofo
  • Repot shiso
  • Split bromeliad

Will rectify those shortly. Just as soon as my liver stops whimpering.




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