Nearly there

17 03 2012

Saturday night. It’s raining, there’s an easy to watch romcom in the background. I’m sitting here with a large scotch and somehow I’ve rubbed a giant smudge of newspaper ink up the right side of my face.

The newspaper ink is from wrapping glasses in newspaper. To put them in the boxes. The moving boxes. For moving. Moving house. After four and a half years of living in this room, with its tall white walls and gorgeous wooden floor and just the right amount of space. It’s time to go.

It’s pretty simple, really. Moving to a bigger place, with the Architect. The Architect’s place, actually. It has more than one room. In fact, it has three rooms. Three whole rooms. One just for sleeping. Another just for guitars. And then one for lounging about and having people around for dinner and sitting at a table. A table that doesn’t then fold up and go up on the wall so the bed can fold out.

I’m excited about it. A few more nights here, and then into the brave new world. The new place has (freshly painted) white walls too. I can get up in the morning and make a cup of tea and do yoga without waking the Architect. He can stay up and watch crappy movies until 2am unpunctuated by grumpy noises from the other side of the bed.

Onward into adulthood and marriage and caring about interest rates and health insurance and drinking in moderation. It’s not a bad thing. On the contrary, it’s something I’m looking forward to very much because I get to do it with my lovely Architect. I might be back; but I doubt it. So I’m taking a moment to toast this small, nurturing space of mine. It’s been warm, and welcoming, and healing, and affordable, and oh so very walking distance to so very many good things.

So cheers. To here. To my little nest. May it bring warmth and welcome to someone else now.






3 responses

18 03 2012
the duck herder

hmmm, not sure what happened to my very elegant comment, but now the second gin has kicked in and god knows what you will get….

this sounds like NEWS little rocket!
I wish you all the best for the move and would like to take a MOMENT to acknowledge how special and important your little hole in the wall has been and what a gorgeous little making of the rocket kind of place it has been and $^@*ing hell I can not quite believe that you and the architect have SURVIVED so long in such a confined place and jaysus it must be love!!!!!

big hugs ok!

the duck.

18 03 2012

Thanks gorgeous! You’ll have somewhere to stay when you visit the River city now! Far out. I’m going to be lost in all that space (she writes from the bathroom because the Architect has an early start & is asleep but she’s not sleepy).

23 05 2012
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