Red flag, white flag

3 04 2012

There was a sign on the bus this morning telling us all that drivers were equipped with DNA kits to “assist with the apprehension of people who spit”.

I wondered if the double meaning was intentional. We want to catch you, but we want you to be more scared about being caught, too.

A day of double meanings, really. Like resign. I am resigned. I have resigned. In any situation that you don’t like you have three choices. One. Accept it. Two. Try to change it. Three. Leave.

One and two in combination over the past 9 months have led to a digestive disorder and recurring nightmares. And many self indulgent whiny blog posts.

But that’s it. We move to three. Liberation and surrender and guilt and a fuck of a lot of shoulds, and wine and PJ Harvey and some tears for what could’ve been. And ultimately just a person leaving a job, a thing that happens every minute of every day.

Another one will come along. All will be well. As a very wise and lovely person once said, it is just a job and they are just people. And suck it up or go home. These things are true as true can be.

So just for tonight I’ll wallow.





4 responses

3 04 2012

Four. Wallow. Five. Celebrate.


3 04 2012
Patricia Coles

Good luck. Will talk later. Ki o tsukete ne.

4 04 2012
the duck herder

eeerm, she also said “harden up princess”, but I don’t think she was very serious…….but if she was she really meant harden up and do what needs to be done which is get out of the CRAZY UNHEALTHY SITUATION!

well! WELL DONE! Choose LIFE! You can join me on the green smoothie challenge and the official ” I have given up STRESS not just for lent but for EVER guild if you like….you may start the QLD chapter if you wish……

just need a blender and some shoulders to shrug…….and a lovely brooch.

I am sure that 1) this is a good thing 2) you can trust your body and she says GO and 3) you are immanently employable should you choose to have a jobby again and 4) well, just have a lovely lovely rest (once sans wallow) and enjoy autumn and nature and stuff and 5) the community sector is good for a WHILE but totally unsustainable if you know what I mean and I know that you DO.

love you!
Love the invitations!
love love love

bit hugs

4 04 2012
the duck herder

PS, Cheese and pickled onions fix just about everything……..yup, everything….!

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