I can see clearly now the rain is gone

26 04 2012

Well that was a bit remiss of me, to go all angst-blurt on the blog and then leave it sitting there, front page, like so much dirty laundry, for weeks, wasn’t it?

In the interim, there was Easter, and a long weekend up at the parentals lifting heavy steel things into place (well, I was holding ladders more than lifting, but you get the general idea). Busy life stuff planning that party and things like that. And some clear sorting out of things. To wit: six more days of work before I begin what I’m euphemistically calling “self-funded long service leave”.

In the very near future? Glorious sunny mornings doing yoga in the loungeroom. Reading a giant pile of books. Cups of tea on the verandah. Sourdough. Walking and the occasional jog. Writing (maybe even here). Naps on the long green couch. Making kimchi. Some job hunting. Non-peak hour public transport. Coffees with people. Window shopping. Old tv (Seachange!). Knitting. A big party. A trip to Japan.

After that, some reality, for sure. But it’s going to be one hell of an excellent interlude.




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