Things I have discovered about being at home during the day

21 05 2012

1. Door to door charity collectors. They are bad enough on street corners. Did you know they also come to your door? I donate regularly to two charities, chosen because I support their vision and way of operation. One of the things they both do is NOT GUILT TRIP ME ON STREET CORNERS. Now I add to that NOT GUILT TRIP ME AT MY FRONT DOOR.

2. Posties and parcel delivery peeps. Confession time. I love online shopping. I can click around, compare prices and varieties, buy stuff, and have it turn up, all without actually having to interact with actual people. So a steady stream of stuff used to turn up at my work reception – nothing suss, promise, but books, pharmacy stuff, etsy goodies, household things, presents for people, yogurt and cheesemaking bits and pieces… I love it when the postie turns up and gives me presents. Yes, presents I bought, but still presents! So when I open the door and it turns out to be a door to door charity collector instead, it’s all the more annoying.

3. Sunshine. Apparently a third of Aussies have a vitamin D deficiency. Seems madness, but there it is. But, thinking of my normal routine – a bit of sun on the way to the bus, in an office all day til darkness, sunscreen in my daily moisturiser, office clothes meaning covered legs and often covered arms – maybe it’s not so mad. So I’ve been drinking my morning cup of tea on the veranda, in the early morning sun, for 15 minutes. It feels glorious.

4. Cups of tea. I thought my tea consumption would decline once I wasn’t working in an office. Coffee has dropped right off, but my (giant 500ml) tea cup gets filled up at least 3 times a day. As well as my sunshine veranda cuppa, it’s just so nice to sip tea in the mornings – especially as Brisbane heads into its gentle version of winter. I’m making a concerted effort to switch the third and following cups to herbal tea from… tomorrow.

5. Time. I assumed that it was the 10-12 hours a day of working and commuting that was eating up all my time. Foolish, foolish child. Turns out that it’s something about me. Once I’ve had my sunshine morning cuppa, done some yoga, had breakfast and caught up on my RSS feeds, it’s time for the Japanese news on SBS, and then there’s always something that needs doing either around the house or out, and then there’s emails and online shopping and talking to door-to-door charity collectors, and making elaborate dinners (“I might make lasagne. Right, first to make the pasta. Now to make the ricotta…”) and so on. Then all of a sudden it’s dark and the Architect is home and he says, “What did you get up to all day today?” And I look him blankly and I say, “Um, …stuff?”




2 responses

22 05 2012
the duck herder

heehee. try “working” at home.
AND, I concur with the whole little delivery man thing. I LOVE those guys. Them make me so happy!

22 05 2012
Patricia Coles

And now you know why retired people wonder how they ever had time to go out to work!!

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