Let’s knock off a few of these 101 things

23 05 2012

The original intent with 101 things was to do a post on each one as I crossed them off over the 1001 days. But given that we had a good, ooh, let’s be kind and call it a year between postings, let’s not and say we did, okay?

Instead, I’m going to collect up a bunch of the more, ahem, mundane things (though reviewing the list, it is hard to tell the difference between those and the less mundane ones) and tick ’em off here. As an added bonus, a snippet or two of some of the things I’ve been doing for the past year or so while I’ve been sorely neglecting my darling blog.

Make pasta from scratch: Done. A lovely engagement gift (oh yeah, BeeTeeDubs, got engaged, Imma be an Archi-wife) from a lovely family friend means I now have fresh pasta on hand whenever I get around to busting it out. Which has been exactly once, for pasta, but several times for gyoza skins. That’s a win-win, people.

Pickle 5 jars of produce from my own garden: Done. Chillies, last summer, 6 jars because I’m an overachiever. I took photos, but really, who wants to look at a photo of a jar of chillies?

Knit one other project that isn’t a scarf: This may be cheating, a bit, but I knitted squares for a baby blanket. Two blankets, actually, now that I think about the timing of this challenge. Cheating a bit because squares = not so different to scarves. But I’m counting this one as done.

Find a regular yoga class that I like: Many years ago, I took a yoga class with Gretsky. It was fun, but kind of boring, and I felt excellent afterwards, but kind of boring. That was “hatha” yoga, which is the standard, slow, hold-the-pose-for-10-breaths kind of yoga that used to get about everywhere back in the late 90s and early 2000s. Then, by chance, my boss at my first fulltime job turned out to be a yoga teacher, but of this particular kind of yoga called dru. I loved it. And have been (sporadically) doing it ever since. And in 2010 I found a dru yoga teacher in Brisvegas who is delightful, and have been absolutely dedicated in intending to go to her class. Because yoga’s all about the intention, don’tchaknow? When I do make it, I love it – but I don’t make it that often, because I’m super lazy. But – DONE.

Find a good yoga dvd and use it: Done. Aforementioned laziness being a critical reason why this was important.

Make a website: Hmmm. I’m claiming this one as done, because I made a website for the wedding (BeeTeeDubs, wedding coming up soon y’all). But it was based on a template and really not very difficult, so that’s possibly cheating a little.

Make a Europe photobook: Done. Put photos from my 2008 trip to France and Italy in a photobook. Finally. Yep. Not really much more to say about that.

Go hiking somewhere around Brisbane: I’ve been to the Bunya mountains a couple of times and gone for walks there. Done? With an option to revisit.

Act in my boss’s job: Done, and done, and done. A good way to do this is to do your boss’s job and your job at the same time. Double the fun.

Frame all my pictures: Done! I’d been putting it off for, well, ever, because of the cost. So I saved up over about a year, and then went and got everything framed. Now I can look at these beautiful things every day, instead of them being in a box. Highly recommended.

Go a month without drinking: Done. Six weeks, actually, in November 2010. Easier than I’d thought, but made it pretty clear that alcohol is fairly inextricably linked to celebration and relaxation in my life. So it was a good way to break that habit a little.

Get  a massage every month for 6 months: Done. This one was because I was generally always in pain because of shoulders or neck stuff. At the end of 2010 this got so bad I couldn’t turn my head (or sleep, or drive, or work). So I did one better than a massage – I went to an osteopath, as recommended by the Architect. He got my neck working again after two sessions, and since then has progressively been peeling back layers of tension and working out all the kinks (and keeping me up to date on political gossip).

Renovate or move: Done. Consider that I wrote the 101 things list at the end of 2009. So even then I was a bit keen to stop living in one room, it seems. Aaaand it only took us two years and a bit to find somewhere and move there. Oh well. At least it happened in the end!

Re-paint the trim in my house: Done. Turns out gorgeous many-paned charming ‘character’ windows are total shit to strip, sand and paint. Did it, and then got a stern talking to from my osteopath (lots of small, repetitive movements with my arm above my head = shoulder and neck in crisis). Looked great, though.

Sort out the window locks: Done. We got some. The Architect put them on. The end.

Write everyone’s birthdays down and try to remember them: Sort of done. I now have lots of birthdays in a spreadsheet (natch) and also in my calendar. Hooray. Now for the remembering bit!

Send Christmas cards/nengajou: Done, Christmas 2010. If you didn’t get one – sorry – turns out I was low on actual, physical addresses for people. Might do it again in a few years time. Or not.




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