Should I quit?

25 05 2012

I bounced through to the Should I Quit test (via Get Rich Slowly), and you know how I’m a sucker for online tests, right? So I did it, despite [SPOLIER ALERT] oh yeah, already quit that dream job and am now languishing in my lounge room.

But a bit of validation is nice from time to time. My result was:

You are not coming close to doing the work you are meant to do, nor are you making the difference you want to or are capable of making. A massive change is necessary. There are some things you can improve in your current situation, but it’s time to give serious thought to what’s next. The longer you stay in your current situation, the worse you are going to feel (and the harder it will be to leave). No one is benefiting from your work situation – not you, your employer, or the people around you.

The internet. Telling you what you want to hear since 1996.

Time for a cuppa and some Seachange, I should think.






3 responses

26 05 2012
the duck herder

tell it sista.

oh, and one day you will look back on these precious days languishing in your lounge room – just you and diver dan.

26 05 2012
the duck herder

when I quit it was uggboots, couch and northern exposure………..

chris in the morning, meet diver dan.

26 05 2012

Oh yeah. I would take either of them, any day.

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