Winter is here

1 06 2012

In the first week after I finished work, I did all these things. Lots of things. Made a giant list and ticked it off.

Talking to my friend B about it (who had a similar 6 weeks between gigs at the start of last year), she said, “Just you wait a couple of weeks. Soon it will be amazing if you even get off the couch.”

And it turns out she was right. I’ve been busy with things, mostly related to the giant party that’s happening in a week. And looking for a new job, and sorting through random boxes of stuff, blah blah blah. But it’s still a bit tricky to actually account for where the day goes.

Anyway, today is a perfect day to be inside – it’s rainy and grey and drizzling and cold and generally winter. Time for a cuppa.




One response

2 06 2012
Patricia Coles

If you have a verandah there is not as much excuse to stay inside. Pouring rain today and have started stripping and sanding the windows!

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