5 07 2012

It seems to be Thursday again, which is not really a surprise, but somehow I think it should still be earlier in the week. Since stepping off the world of fulltime, 9-5 (8-7) work 2 months (2 months!) ago, I’ve been amazed at where the time goes. Even without the day-in, day-out anchor of that routine, of those big chunks of time taken up with Doing Things, time keeps on flowing by regardless, refusing to stop and wait for me, even though I’ve stopped.

So here we are. Thursday of the week that is eight weeks since I stopped work. This is the longest I’ve been unemployed since, well, ever, and certainly since I entered the rat-race.

I love it. Equally terrified of it, of course. Who am I without a convenient job label to allow people to categorise me? (or to give myself a convenient marker of being a Good Part of Society?)

It’s not like I’ve been sitting on the couch the entire time though. The first couple of weeks, when I was technically “on leave”, were about recovery. Recuperation. I had pushed and pushed and pushed until past the point my body was willing to go, and paid for it. It’s a bit of a blur, now, but there was a lot of sleeping, reading, sitting in the sun and having cups of tea with people and on my own. And errands. A long list of things that hadn’t been done since, oooh, 2008 or so.

Those errands seamlessly transformed into wedding-things. The next couple of weeks are a different kind of blur, of lists of different things. Lists of people, of food, of types of cheese and wine. Of phonecalls to make and emails to send and things to organise and buy and stamp and do and wear and places to be and people to talk to and decisions to make.

Then, of course, the day of the party itself, which is a gorgeous, paper-moon-lit ginger-beer-and-kisses-flavoured blur.

Followed by a jaunt to the home of the Cup Noodle.

And then, back here, to calm and silence and working out what needs to go on the new list.

I’ll keep you posted.




2 responses

6 07 2012
the duck herder

oh YAY and HAZZAH for stillness and silence. HAZZAH!!!!!! MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!

6 07 2012
the duck herder

and you did a great job on the cheese cake. Might i say. time and lists very well spent. and a fabulous time was had by all……

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