Export, import, merge

22 05 2012

A quick note to say – I’ve migrated all the content over from the old sherdieinbrisvegas site, as well as the (few) posts from the (soon to be shut down) sherdlife blog. Easier to have it all in one place, non?

Things might get a touch wonky as I do some maintenance stuff, so please bear with me – but it should all be back to normal soon.


Previously on Sherdie…

9 08 2009

A few years ago, I moved cities. I started a blog as a way to keep in touch with the people I left behind; as a way to record, for myself, those little things that fade over time; and because I like words and writing. And, well, maybe also because I like the arms-length drip feed of attention that comes with blogging.

Then I stopped, for a while. A bit over a year. And I missed it. So here I am again, tapping out the words for you, Gentle Reader.

Where we are today:

– I live in a studio. You have to say it Amerrkan-style, stoo-dee-oh. It sounds more innercity that way. Then you can distract yourself from the idea that the entire house is one room. Or, alternatively, that I sleep in my loungeroom. But hey, I’ve got a kitchen in my bedroom!

– I share my one room with the Architect. He’ll probably be a recurring character in this here blog. He’s tall, dark and handsome.

– I work in a tall building in the city which has seen better days. I have one of those fairly standard jobs where I sit at a computer and tap words out and talk to people and I have a boss and a team and go to meetings. I used to really love my job. Then I really hated it. Now I am broadly ambivalent about it. I’m working on remembering that it’s not my whole life.

That’s all for now. I might let the rest of it filter through as we go, eh?

Oh, ps, I’m new to wordpress. Expect muckups.

Here we go again

9 08 2009

Stop thinking and just begin.

Today’s thought is:

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

So let’s just start, and see what happens.

Coming soon

21 04 2009

Any day now…

I know you’re there. I can hear you breathing.

12 01 2007
I’m a lurker from way back. You’ll (not) see me lurking all over the internets/in my rss feed. It’s not that I’m not interested, I just can’t always think of things to say that will contribute to the discussion or even be vaguely interesting/amusing/not crap.

But someone, somewhere, has declared this to be International De-lurking week, and bloggers everywhere have taken up the cry, because at the end of the day, all we want is a little validation, right? You can even get a button. Because we’re all about the buttons.

So if you feel like it, please comment. I’ll even give you a topic, if you like. Tell me your favourite food. Today*, my favourite food is tomato, basil and goats cheese tart with Italian hot chocolate accompanying.

Now I’m off to de-lurk myself at random.

* Note: Changes daily/hourly.