4 01 2010

After going to the Architect’s house for his birthday dinner of stuffed shoulder, we ended up with half of the leftovers. What to do with a big pile of delicious stuffed shoulder and trimmings?

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. First, here’s the crispy stuffed shoulder fresh out of the oven – the photos don’t really do it justice:

Then it gets de-twined and sliced open in a tender, moist, falling-apart gush of steamy goodness:

Note the yemisi (rice stuffing) – portion size of this magical food can cause extreme sibling rivalry in the Architect’s household.

Served with all manner of roasted and steamed vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, honey carrots, peas, etc). Followed by a lovely warm honey steamed pudding with custard. This is why my clothes are getting steadily tighter the more time I spend with the Architect’s family.

And then reincarnated the next day as my lunch – an awesome (and very filling) greek bento:


Mung beans (a little over-sprouted – I wasn’t paying attention)

Red capsicum

Roast potatoes




Camping bento

1 01 2010

The Architect and I went camping with my lovely brother, Nabla, and his equally-if-not-more-so lovely wife K, to celebrate the ticking over of the year.

For the first day’s lunch, for just after we arrive and set up camp and are wanting to sit down with a cold drink, I made bentos for us all. I tried to use things that can survive without refrigeration; even though these made the trip up in the esky, I thought they may not stay especially cold. Also, because we’d emptied out the fridge before going away, there were slim pickings. So it’s a bit of a scanty-looking thing – still, it was very tasty and went down well surrounded by sand, sun and the sound of the ocean.

White rice with furikake (not in the photo)

Lazy tea eggs (although I left the shells on – so they weren’t as flavoured as they could’ve been. Also the marbling was patchy. Must practice)

Bit of butter lettuce to sit the eggs on

Blanched sugar snap peas, snow peas and green beans

Rakkyou (pickled scallions), which I could eat jars of

Mayo (for the eggs)

The ubiquitous cherry tomatoes


20 12 2009

Mexican-themed! Except all three avocadoes were off, apart from a little tiny bit of one, so there was much less avocado than I thought… so it was a little bit bodgy. Tasty though…

This is the last one of these for a little while. I’m still making them here and there, but have been lazy with getting the camera out. Plus, the year’s nearly over. So we’ll start fresh in the new year.


White rice with paprika (we were out of cayenne pepper)

Meatballs with sliced baby roma tomatoes

A tiny squish of guacamole (invisible to the naked eye) with… cherry tomato!

Shredded lettuce

Steamed beetroot greens with lime

And some extra lime for good luck


15 12 2009

Back to both of us, and with a bit more time. Getting much better at putting a few things aside during dinner to pop in the obentos.


Obviously NOT getting better at taking photos in the dark of the morning. I’ll work on that.

White rice with gomashio


Steamed cauliflower

Beetroot greens with sesame dressing

Eggplant pickle

Cherry tomatoes (soon the harvest will be over and we’ll be on to something else, promise)

Parsley (just because we got a big bunch in the CSA box and the bento needed some green)

Sliced roast potato (the Architect)


18 11 2009

This was a very quick, budget one just for me, on a morning I was running a bit late.


Rice and the last of the noritamago furikake (I wanted to finish it off)

One-egg tamagoyaki

Rocket from the garden

Broccoli stem pickles (in the pickle press) – next time I’ll slice it thinner

Eggplant tsukemono

…and there’s the cherry tomatoes again


8 11 2009

Getting into the swing of things now. Got up very early, so the photos were under lights, which makes them worse than usual. We had a bbq on the weekend, so this one is using up some of the leftovers.

The Architect’s:


And mine:


White rice with noritamago furikake

Sausage, mayonnaise (the Architect’s)

Broccoli, carrots, cherry tomatoes

Lettuce leaves

Roast vegetable and couscous salad (much more in mine than the Architect’s – he just got some roast vegies)

Homemade cucumber pickles (just in the pickle press)


3 11 2009

Fourth bento. This one was really good. So good, I took separate photos.

The Architect’s, manly as usual:


And mine:


White rice with gomashio

Fried pork with carrot, cabbage and onion (butaniku shougayaki) – last night’s dinner

Ginger to make the shouga part up

Carrot, lettuce and cherry tomatoes

Homemade labna.