Awesome awesomeness

12 02 2011

OMG you guys, I’m so proud of my clever and inspirational peeps. Watch these videos and marvel at the difference that can be made when a few people believe something is worth doing.


Hi. I’m new here. And I have cold feet.

11 08 2010

A guy in my office was given a pair of slipper-sock things as a present. He’s a size 12. I walked past as he said ‘Is anyone a size 7?’

Yes. Yes I am.

Sherdie: 1, New job: 1.

Hi. I’m new here. And I like stinky food.

9 08 2010

There I am, tucking into a late lunch of tonkotsu-flavoured two-minute noodles.

I look up to find a group of five or so people clustered at the door to my office, including my new boss.

“Oh! That’s what smells!” says the operations manager.

“It’s alright everyone, nothing’s burning!” yells the IT guy. “It’s just Sherdie’s lunch!”

New job: 1, Sherdie: 0.

And you wonder why I want to move back there?

14 07 2010

Kirainet says there are 474,048 restaurants in Japan.

If you ate out 3 meals a day it would take over 400 years to go them all.


Thanks… I think

5 07 2010

Nurse to me: You may only be little but you’ve got magnificent veins!

Blood bank compliments – warm and fuzzy with a tinge of weird.


8 05 2010

My hairdresser says, “I like blowdrying your hair. It’s such a challenge.”

Internerd awesomeness

24 04 2010

This is why the interweb is truly teh awesome.