Queensland is breaking my heart

4 08 2012

Well, not Queensland, as such. The people of Queensland and their most recent voting activities and this new, directionless, flailing, policy vacuum of a government. Having dealt with them in opposition, I remember clutching at straws in the leadup to the landslide election, trying to convince myself that it wouldn’t be so bad because some of their stuff wasn’t too bad. If you kinda squinted and ignored the gaping holes.

I think this post from John Quiggin, juxtaposing $130 million in cuts to a key northside hospital and Medicare Local and a $110 million boost to the racing industry, captures it perfectly.

I just don’t understand what sane Cabinet process arrived at this pair of decisions.

All I can see is how this path will lead to more people in misery in this state.

That’s the part that breaks my heart.