A weekend in the country at the parentals

30 07 2012

This weekend had some good things.

A window. And light where before there was darkness (and cladding and a bit of dust). Note that an actual window was also installed in this gap.

A herb garden. Well-dug soil, mulch and herbs where before there was a pile of super-clayey dirt with lots of roots and rocks in it (note: temporary edging is temporary). Buddha included for perspective and inner peace.

A lovely welcoming mint pot. Four different types of mint (peppermint, basil mint, old fashioned mint and sexy variegated applemint at the front there, preeeettttyy) where before there was a pot, some potting mix, and, um, three smaller pots and a cutting.

Not shown: a massive Sunday sleep-in, whip birds, fog coming off the dam in the early morning, seven bottles of wine (over two nights and between four, though!), fresh fennel tossed through pasta, a narrow Blues win, fruit toast.

What did you get up to?